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Welcome to Your CRM Butler

Allow me to set up your CRM, automate your sales and marketing systems, and support you for up to a year as you finally get the right technology in place to make you money.



Everything's included for up to a year!

Get one year of your Keap CRM, two of my best-selling Keap Campaigns, professional setup assistance, plus private support from me, and a one-year membership in the Gorillas of Growth.

Still have questions or concerns? Call or text me at(714) 369-8004.
(Yes, that's really my cell phone. It's best if you text me first to let me know you'd like to speak, so I know who's calling.)



  • One year of Keap CRM ($2748 value)
  • The two Keap Campaigns you need to work your leads and nurture them ($998 value)
  • Professional setup and private onboarding training for 30 days ($1,500 value)
  • Three months of private support from me to ensure your continued momentum ($10,500 value)
  • Full membership in the Gorillas of Growth for weekly sales and marketing support for an entire year ($2,980 value)
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  • Everything in "Yeah!"
  • Six months of support vs. three months ($10,500 additional value)
  • Two in-person consulting days with Wes at his SoCal location to work on growing your business ($15,000 value)
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  • Everything in "Oh Yeah!"
  • 12 months of support vs. six months ($21,000 additional value)
  • Four in-person consulting days with Wes at his SoCal location over the 12 months. ($30,000 value)
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Want to just start with a new Keap application and get a little bit of my help?

Use the link below to order Keap and get two free hours of Keap setup and support from me to get started.

Why use my link?

Because you get extra contacts for free, for life, plus the current promotions Keap is running and free setup from me.

Order Keap Max Classic


Still have questions or concerns?
Call or text me at (714) 369-8004.

(Yes, that's really my cell phone. It's best if you text me first to let me know you'd like to speak so I know who's calling.)


"When we found you we were looking to implement marketing automation to nurture our prospects, retain our customer base, and free up my time to develop further marketing strategies. We were really pleased with the results, especially...the ability to be up and running with a very complex system in less than a month. As a direct result of working with you, we found that...we were able to get our system up and running smoothly, in a short amount of time. We recommend you to anyone who...has specific goals for their marketing automation, and wants to pull it together quickly."

Nala Henkel

Currency Marketing

Sally Rubin
"As a direct result of working with Wes, I began to *see* what pieces of my marketing strategy needed to be put into place; and most importantly, in what order! I'd been trying to follow the advise of a lot of online marketers, but I was driving myself crazy implementing things that for which I simply wasn't prepared to follow through. We recommend you to anyone who...is serious about building a solid foundation for their business."

Sally Rubin

Park Rubin Media, San Francisco, CA

"When I first bought my business, I was doing most of the things Wes teaches. However, after nearly 7 months in business, I found I really need to refocus my efforts and create a strategy moving forward. Wes has really helped me to create a strategy for not only my own sales but those of future sales people I intend to hire and get my focus on growing my business. Wes is helping me get to the point where I can finally work ON my business, rather than IN my business."

Bryce Ebeling

Money Mailer of Temecula Valley, Temecula, CA

The REAL Bonuses Included With The CRM Butler

This is not a classic "value stack" where the "goo-roo" piles on THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF "VALUE" to overwhelm you so you can sell yourself that "the bonuses alone are worth the price of the program!"

Take a look...

The Gorillas of Growth

The Gorillas of Growth

One-Year Coaching Program

Sometime around 2010/2011, I offered "The Infusionsoft Mastermind" as a free bonus for my clients who purchased Infusionsoft from me.

We had live, recorded video calls where I took their questions each week and helped them get the most out of their software.

Over time that morphed into broader sales and marketing training, which is now known as The Gorillas of Growth.

You can see it here if you're curious.

The Best keap Campaigns

The Best Keap Campaigns

My Two Best-Selling Campaigns

Keap is a powerful sales and marketing automation platform, but, like any software, garbage in = garbage out.

This is why I created the only sales pipeline-centric Keap campaign that I know of with an emphasis on outbound prospecting for salespeople.

I also created a long-term nurture campaign that is non-salesy and never-ending.

You can use the content as is, or I can help you customize it to better reflect your own voice an style.

gary vaynerchuk wes schaeffer irvine

Private Consulting With Wes

I've Taken The Beatings So You Don't Have To

Selling is hard. Hiring and training salespeople is hard. Copywriting is hard. Blogging is hard. Creating content is hard. Launching and sustaining a podcast is hard. Social media marketing is hard. Writing a book is hard. E-commerce is hard. Public speaking is hard. Automating all of this is hard.

Doing it all on your own is both lonely and hard.

So don't do it on your own.

Pick my brain for an entire six months on anything you'd like. You'll have my cell phone, email, and even my home address if you want to come over.

Frequently Asked Questionslimitless_crm_support

"What edition of Keap do I get? Probably the cheapest one, huh?"


I'll set you up with Max Classic—it's the most powerful and versatile, and it's what I've used since 2008—for an entire year.

Your credit card will be on file with Keap so you can add other users, increase the number of contacts, etc., but the full cost of those standard editions will be covered for a year, which, as of this update, is about $3k per year.

I'll help you set it up and learn how to use it over the first 30 days.

We'll do recorded Zoom sessions that you and anyone else on your team can attend.

As we're going, you can also pick my brain on any other subject matter you so choose, and you can do that for six months. You'll have my cell phone and my calendar link.

Can you give me some examples of Keap help you can provide?

As an owner/operator of Keap Max Classic since 2008 and author of "The Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft," you wish is my command inside your  Keap account, such as:

  • Build/Edit Landing Pages
  • Create/Edit/Manage Campaigns
  • Create/Edit SEO metadata
  • Tag management
  • Report creation and review
  • Import and Tag CSV files of Contacts
  • Import Product or Company CSV file
  • Create custom Dashboards
  • Create Products, Subscriptions, and Payment Plans
  • Create custom Order Forms
  • Create Webforms and provide you the code to integrate with your site
  • Review a marketing campaign for optimization
  • Setup sales opportunity pipeline stages
  • Complete an automation audit and provide suggestions on how to optimize your automation systems
  • Connect and optimize some third-party applications.

Can you elaborate on your private consulting?

Nine years in the Air Force combined with being in full-time commission sales since 1997, raising a family of seven children on my sole income, and owning The Sales Whisperer® since 2006, I've learned a thing or three about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and perseverance. You may pick my brain for six months to help you grow your own sales and build the life you deserve.

What is The Gorillas of Growth? (Isn't that a ridiculous name?)

If you think it's ridiculous, fine. I like it, and so do the members. Besides, it has a nice little alliteration to it that stands out. This is my live, weekly group sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship call I conduct for professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who can't afford my private consulting but know they can benefit from a little nudge each week.

Is this really a good/fair value?

Like beauty, value is in the eye of the beholder, but allow me to break this down for you:

$2,988: Keap Max Classic for one year

$499: Keap setup

$2,980: The Gorillas of Growth

$998: The Best Campaigns

($7,465 so far.)

$21,000: Private coaching for six months ($3,500/mo in 90-day increments)

So you can look at this a couple of ways:

  1. If you value having professional, experienced support in setting up your Keap app and you think learning from me for a year at the rate of $248.33/mo, then you're getting my private coaching for six months for just $2,535 or $422.50/mo, which is 88% off.
  2. If you just wanted six months of private consulting from me, you'd come out way ahead to do this program, charge someone else to use your Keap app, and charge for The Gorillas of Growth, and you could get my help for about $4,000, which is 81% off!!

Still have questions or concerns?
Call or text me at (714) 369-8004.

(Yes, that's really my cell phone. It's best if you text me first to let me know you'd like to speak so I know who's calling.)