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Welcome to Your CRM Butler

Get Unlimited Keap CRM, Infusionsoft, or HubSpot Support For a Flat Rate

You get professional, knowledgeable, interactive, unlimited HubSpot support from a team of HubSpot, Infusionsoft, and Keap CRM experts to handle the mundane and the complex issues of your platform so you can work on your business and not in it.



Unlimited CRM tasks at a flat monthly rate...

Pick the best plan for your budget and needs. Upgrade, downgrade, cancel at any time.



  • Unlimited access to iron out your technology needs and optimization
  • Month-to-Month
  • $299 setup includes recorded video session for technology review, strategy, and planning with Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®
    ($1,500 when purchased separately)
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  • We do the work with you
  • 90-Day Agreement
  • Everything in Lurch
  • Live weekly strategy sessions with Wes
  • $299 setup includes recorded video session for technology review, strategy, and planning with Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®
    ($1,500 when purchased separately)
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  • We do what needs to get done so your technology is an asset
  • 90-Day Agreements
  • Ideal for HubSpot & Keap Max Classic users with any modules and at any level
  • Everything in Jeeves Plus...
  • Access to the team as needed
  • PLUS the Initial Process Assessment conducted and delivered personally by Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, a $500 value
  • $299 setup includes recorded video session for technology review, strategy, and planning with Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®
    ($1,500 when purchased separately)
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"When we found you we were looking to implement marketing automation to nurture our prospects, retain our customer base, and free up my time to develop further marketing strategies. We were really pleased with the results, especially...the ability to be up and running with a very complex system in less than a month. As a direct result of working with you, we found that...we were able to get our system up and running smoothly, in a short amount of time. We recommend you to anyone who...has specific goals for their marketing automation, and wants to pull it together quickly."

Nala Henkel

Currency Marketing

Sally Rubin
"As a direct result of working with Wes, I began to *see* what pieces of my marketing strategy needed to be put into place; and most importantly, in what order! I'd been trying to follow the advise of a lot of online marketers, but I was driving myself crazy implementing things that for which I simply wasn't prepared to follow through. We recommend you to anyone who...is serious about building a solid foundation for their business."

Sally Rubin

Park Rubin Media, San Francisco, CA

"When I first bought my business, I was doing most of the things Wes teaches. However, after nearly 7 months in business, I found I really need to refocus my efforts and create a strategy moving forward. Wes has really helped me to create a strategy for not only my own sales but those of future sales people I intend to hire and get my focus on growing my business. Wes is helping me get to the point where I can finally work ON my business, rather than IN my business."

Bryce Ebeling

Money Mailer of Temecula Valley, Temecula, CA

Meet the team that makes your CRM a dream

Each with decades of experience on multiple CRMs, you know you are in good hands.


Heather Wells

Infusionsoft Goddess

With over 14 years of experience working with the Infusionsoft application, Heather can take your business to the next level.

Her advanced knowledge of the platform, as well as the multitude of third-party applications that work with Infusionsoft, allows her to build out some of the most complex money-making, time-saving systems you can imagine.

If you want someone to come in and give you back the hours you are losing working on your Infusionsoft systems she is the gal you want helping you out.

Phly Jambor Infusionsoft Ninja and Goddess of Automation

Phly Jambor

Girl Geek & Infusionsoft Ninja

Pronunciation: "fly"

Phly has 8+ years of Hubspot experience and 11+ years of Keap/Infusionsoft experience. She got her start at Infusionsoft as a Success Coach, helping hundreds of business owners implement Infusionsoft so they could save time and make more money. She has always been technologically minded with one of her first toys being DOS instead of dolls. She firmly believes that automation has the power to save small businesses and lift them from the drudgery of everyday mindless tasks.

Daniel Witzel, Marketing Automation Whiz Kid

Daniel Witzel

Automation Whiz Kid

With over 13 years experience as a marketing automation expert, Daniel specializes in crafting killer systems to save you time and money.

No matter what system you’re leveraging, let the whiz kid help you get the most bang for your buck, whether it's membership sites, e-commerce, custom APIs, HTML, CSS, PHP, he understands it all and what he doesn't know he learns on his iPhone faster than mere mortals can even remember their password to login.

Frequently Asked Questionslimitless_crm_support

"What's the catch? Nothing is 'limitless' except the number of questions my kids can ask."

You're right, but for the wrong reasons.

Could we help you complete an infinite number of requests for you in one month? No.

Can we help you complete as many requests as you can submit in a month based on your membership level faster than you could complete them, train someone to complete them, and/or find a contractor on a job board? Yes.

Keep in mind that the team here are all experienced CRM and marketing automation experts who can not only do the chores quickly, they can offer insight into alternative ways to leverage your CRM to better, and more efficiently, achieve your goals.

With the three levels of membership, you can choose the program that best fits your budget and needs.

So if you have a lot to get done quickly and time is of the essence, go big and let us get your work done. If you just need "steady as she goes" and you want the peace of mind in knowing that you have access to a team of professionals ready to do your CRM dirty work, go small. 

With the month-to-month option with Lurch—and the short 90-day agreements with Lurch and Alfred—you can dive in with confidence that you'll be receiving expert assistance at an affordable price without signing your life away for 6-12 months.

The CRM Butler Alfred option for HubSpot

Why is Alfred more?

Alfred is for HubSpot and Keap Mas Classic users, which are more robust and complex platforms.

Since larger companies tend to use these tools, especially brick & mortar companies, we also include brand, reputation, and social media management tools, consulting, and support to help you maximize your inbound marketing and marketing automation efforts.

Can you give me some examples of Keap and HubSpot help you can provide?

As an owner/operator of both Keap Max Classic since 2008 and the HubSpot Enterprise Marketing, COS, and Sales Pro tools since 2014, we have the experience to run anything inside of your Keap and HubSpot accounts, such as:

  • Build and/or Edit your Blog, Landing Page, and Website templates
  • Create Workflows 
  • Modify and improve your SEO metadata
  • Campaign Management
  • Integrate with 3rd Party Tools
  • Assist with Report creation and review
  • Import and Tag a CSV file of Contacts
  • Import a Product or Company CSV file
  • Assist with creating custom Reports
  • Assist with creating custom Dashboards
  • Assist with organizing your Campaigns
  • Create a Landing Page
  • Create a Lead Capture popup on website and nurture campaign
  • Create a new Product with or without a Subscription
  • Create a custom Order Form
  • Create a new webform and provide you the code to integrate with your site
  • Review a marketing campaign for optimization
  • Setup sales opportunity pipeline stages
  • Complete an automation audit and provide suggestions on how to optimize your automation systems
  • *Connect and optimize third-party applications such as ClickFunnels, PlusThis, Zapier, Graphly, etc. (*Approved on a platform basis. Expect delays as you must grant us access to these platforms in order to perform the chore.)